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Geophysical Software Platform

Platform is the core module of Horin software. It includes following functions: data collation, coordinate system, gridding, multi-layer map, symbol library and 3D map. There is a good independence between the functions. You can use every function individually or combined use, which greatly improves your work efficiency.


The meaning of filtering is to separate or highlight the abnormal information. Horin software specially designed one-dimensional geophysical filters module and two-dimensional filters module.

Magnetic Correction

There are 9 kinds of magnetic corrections,which are completely designed according to the industry standard.

Gravity Correction

There are 11 kinds of gravity corrections, which are completely designed according to the industry standard.

3D Forward & Inversion

Horin software provides you with a set of professional gravity and magnetic 3D inversion tools "Euler 3D inversion calculation", which uses the Euler homogeneous equation to solve the 3D-coordinate of field source. This tool makes your geophysical interpretation job become more easy and efficient.

Electromagnetic Prospecting

As an independent module of Horin software, electromagnetic prospecting module has professional functions of data collation, forward / inversion computation and drawing.

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