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Filter Function

Horin Software has a variety of geophysical filters for your need.


1D Filtering and Potential Field Transformation

There are 10 kinds of one-dimensional filters with professional algorithm in the frequency domain. The time domain filters contains various conventional filters and moving average filters.



2D Filtering and Potential Field Transformation

Various 2D filters are designed in one interface. The unique results preview function display the filtering results instantly.

2D filtering interface

Filter Function


1D Filtering

1D filtering includes two types of filters: Fourier Domain filters and Spatial Domain filters, which are based on database.


Effect of 1D filtering

2D Filtering

Horin Geophysical Software optimizes the interface design of 2D filtering. All the Fourier Domain and Spatial Domain filters can be found in a same dialog box. Multiple filters can be used at the same time. It is very convenient. The preview function is added. The filtering result can be displayed in time after parameter is set, which greatly improves work efficiency.

2D filtering interface (parameter setting)                                                                          Effect of filtering

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