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Data Collation and Map System

Supports Multiple Data Formats

Database support: CSV format (all ASCII format), Excel format, Access format data importand export.

Image support: Bitmap, JPEG, PCX, PNG, TIFF, PDF format.

Vectordata support:  * .shp format for ArcGIS software, *. dxf format for AutoCAD software, *. mif, *. mid and *.tab formats for MapInfo software.

Profile Drawing

The profile line drawn from the channel data can clearly show the distribution of each point data in this channel. The Horin Software can draw multiple profile lines in the same display area.

Profile Curve

Coordinate System

You can set arbitrary coordinate system for your database in the coordinate system. It is also very convenient to perform coordinate conversion between "geographic coordinates" and "projection coordinates", and the operation is very simple.

Coordinate Coversion

Data Collation Functions

The database of Horin software is a professional geophysical database. It mainly contains three types of functions: "database function", "survey linesfunction" and "channels data function". The purpose of the database is to make data collation more efficient and easier.

Database interface


There are 4 methods of Gridding in Horin Software, which are "Inverse Distance Weighting","Bidirectional Spline", "Kriging" and "Minimum Curvature".The grid data can be used to generate a rendering map by calling the Horin Software palette, or it can be directly used to draw contour lines. Horin Software also supports import and export of grd data in Surfer format, grd data in Encom format, and grd data in ArcGIS Ascii format.


Grid Map

Grid Tool

Horin Software includes multiple grid tools, such as "Grid Knitting ", "Grid Merge", "Grid Clipping", "Grid Resampling","Data Extraction of Arbitrary Line from Grid " "Expansion"and so on.

Grid Institching

Professional 3D Modeling System

Horin 3D modeling system has multilayer structure. Every layer can map, analysis and output individualy. Its operation and management are intuitive and simple.

3D Modeling System

Located Image

3D images of differernt strike, dip and shape can be loaded. They can be precisely located.


Located Image and Drape Image

3D Grid and Symbol Map

Horin can display 3d elevation grid undulations of different stratigraphic interface, including surface and seabed.


3D Grid                                                                                           3D Symbol


3D voxel, isosurface, thick-slice and threshold

3D Drillhole Display

Drillhole data, including collar, survey, litholigy and assay, can be imported to Horin. You can display all kinds of 3d drillhole map, such as 3d drillhole traces, 3d histogram of lithology and 3d sector chart of assays.


            3D drillhole-3d histogram                                                                              3D drillhole-3d sector chart                                  

3D Vector Model

Create vector polygons human-computer interactly in several sections. Then interpolate these polygons into 3D solid models. You can Intuitively visualize your 3D interpretation results in 3D viewer.


3D Faults                                                                                                  3D Interpretation Results


3D PDF and Video Output

Horin 3D map can be exported as 3D pdf and video formats. When users report their work, the 3D model can be displayed directly through PDF files and videos, which greatly improves the reporting effect of the project.

Output your result as 3D pdf format

3D Comprehensive Display

You can comprehensively display and model 3D elements, such as 3D undulating grid, drillhole data, 3D vector, 3D voxel, 3D isosurface and 3D slice,etc.

3D Comprehensive Display

Data Collation and Map System

Data Import and Export

Database of Horin Software is a professional geophysical database, which conforms to the user's usage habits. The structure is layer storage, and the survey line datais stored by page. The survey line data is composed of survey point data, and each survey point contains different data attributes. As long as you know the format of the collected data, you can import your data into the database of Horin Geophysical Software to perform various operations easily.




Image Import and Export

Horin Software supports the import of multiple pictures. At the same time, you can output maps as pictures in various formats at any resolutions.


Image Import                                                                               Image Export


Vector Map Import and Export

You can import/export the vector map in 4 kind of formats, which will greatly saves your time, avoiding the software compatibility problem.


Horin Stacked Profile                                                                                                   Export ArcGIS Format


Professional Geophysical Database

Horin Geophysical Database is a professional geophysical database designed and developed by Horin Company for professional users. From data import, sorting,statistics to data drawing, output, and printing, Horin database is implemented in a professional way.


Database Interface

Setting and Transformation of theCoordinate System

Horin Geophysical Software has a built-in coordinate system, which can set, modify, and transform the coordinates. The conversion between projection coordinates and geographic coordinates can be performed for any survey in world. The operation interface is simple and clear.


Coordinate transformation                                                Custom coordinate system



Quality Analysis and Quality Control

There will always be some jump points in the original collected data, which will greatly affect the processing results when making data processing. You can use the database profile line and survey line pick point function to quickly perform quality analysis and quality control on the data, delete the jump points from the database at any time, or correct them in real time.


                       Eliminate Tares of Profile                                              Eliminate Tares through Database and Floor Plan Linkage      


Extract Data Quickly

There are two ways to quickly extract the interested region: "Extract from Database" and "Extract from Grid Map".

Extraction from database: You can mark the interested area in the map by the polygon file,and then directly extract the corresponding data from the database and store it in a new database.

Extractionin grid map: You can interactively crop the grid map to obtain a new grid databy the polygon file function .


Mark the interested area in the map              Extract interested data and store it in a new database            Gridding of data of interested area

Data Collation-Survey Line Clipping

There are 8 kind of survey line clipping functions in Horin Softwarewhich can meet the needs of survey line clipping and collating for all kinds of disorderly survey line. 

Original Lines (Not Clip)                                                                        Clip Effect                  


Color Palette

According to your needs, the color palette can be used to assign arbitrary colors, color transform methods, and lighting to your grid, and you can preview your grid in real time.


Color Palette

Contour Drawing

Horin Software can draw colored contours, which is a way of multi-data integration and improve the expressiveness of the map. You can also add the labels for contours along the line when you draw an arbitrary line across the contours.


           colored contours                                                add labes along arbitrary line across the contours

Stacked Profile Map

You can draw gradiented colors stacked profile map in Horin Software, up to 64 color gradient. Horin stacked profile is natural, bright, beautiful with more obvious abnormality. It is a very useful function whether you submit it as achievement or do manual interpretation. At the same time, Horin Software can draw the legend of Stacked Profile map, and the color of the legend can also be displayed ingradient. In addition, the drawing speed of the Stacked Profile of Horin Software is very fast, you can do it by one-click drawing.


Secondary Development

We designed a secondary development interface for users. You can directly embed your own software functions into the platform of Horin Software as modules by the "Add Module" function. It is easy and fast. And we can also develop some geophysical customized functions for you, so that you have your own exclusiveversion.



3D Map

You can create 3D  views in Horin software, including 3D topography surface, 3D contour, 3D symbols, voxel, 3D slice and Isosurface. Undert he same 3D project, multiple 3D surfaces/voxels can be viewed. Each 3D surface/voxelcan be changed with a color template. You can adjust their relative position andvertical scale. Drawing a 3D view is so easy in Horin, you will quickly andeasily display all your data in a 3D view.

3D map


3D voxel, isosurface, thick-slice,threshold

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