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Geoscience Database

All kinds of professional data become clear and concise here, and maps and data correspond one by one, and everything is clear at a glance.


   Support Various Instrument Data Format Import                                          Database Management System                                           

Coordinate System Coversion

Horin coordinate projection includes various coordinate projection parameters around the world, supports common projection methods such as WGS84. It can also customize projection parameters to meet the projection needs of different regions.


Professional Coordinate Projection

Grid Map & Multi-layer Plan Map System

Professional geoscience mapping, make your results display more professional and detailed.

Profile Map

Profiles of different styles show professional style.

Comprehensive Mapping

Drawing different types of maps together is convenient for comprehensive comparison and analysis. It can also be printed out as a comprehensive result map.

Integrated Mapping of Geoscience Data

3D Voxel Mapping

Make 3D data clearly displayed to partners in any way you want.

3D Drillhole System

Display drilling survey, lithology, and assay data to the partner in the most concise and clear way, so that the party can instantly understand the greatness of your work.


          Drillhole Data-Lithology                              Comprehensive Display-Assay, Voxel and Isosurface             Comprehensive Display-Assay and Isosurface 

Geoscience Data Collation Tools

Statistics, analysis of data, and elimination of tares have become easy and simple.


                          Plan Map and Data Linkage                                   Statistical Analysis Tool                                       Profile Curve and Data Linkage

3D Vector Model & Comprehensive Model Mapping

Display the geological structure data in a clear and intuitive 3D manner, which makes communication easier.

Horin 3D Comprehensive Display

Image Format Transform

Support a variety of common data and image output.


Horin Stacked Profile                                                    Export ArcGIS Format                                                Export MapInfo Format

Secondary Development

By the way, add your own programs to Horin Geoscience Mapping Software to make your work more unique. No matter what language your program is written in, it can be easily added to Horin software.


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