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Electrical Basic Module

Electrical basic module in Hoirn includes data import, preprocessing, forward and  inversion calculation and drawing of DCIP and EM. The whole process is designed according to industry standard. Moreover, Beijing Horin Exploration company provides technical support for pre-sale and after-sale at any time to ensure that users can work efficiently.

EM Data Preprocessing

Horin supports the import of a variety of instrument data formats, including the format of GDP32, V8 and other instruments.

Horin database supports array format. Users can directly draw the profile of the array data and analyze the data quality in database.

Horin provides the single point data editing function, and users can interactively delete and edit the tares of EM data.

Horin supports the editing of array data for a suvey line, and quickly removes the tares and organize the whole line data.

A variety of array filters are provided for EM data smoothing.

Horin array database

Device Dispaly of Survey Area

Draw the position of survey point, transmitting coil and receiveing coil in the plan view.



Survey area wiring

Data Collation of Single Point

Horin provides multi-chanel data edit and collation function of single point, which can perform human-computer interactive bulk data processing.

Data collation of multi-channel of single point



Smooth Filter Processing

First carry out human-computer interactive processing of tares, then process the whole data with smooth filter function. 


Smooth Filter

1D Forward and Inversion

1D forward and inversion calculation of conventional electrical method

1D forward and inversion calculation of TEM

Inversion calculation of SMOKING RINGS

1D forward and inversion calculation of CSEM

1D forward and inversion calculation of MT

Inversion calculation of Bostick

Forward and inverision of 1D EM layered model

2D  forward and inversion

2D plates forward and inversion calculation of CSEM

2D plates forward and inversion calculation  of TEM

2D forward and inversion calculation of MT


Forward and inverision of 2D TEM plate model

Profile Map

Horin software can draw "CDI-depth profile map", " Grid profile map", " Contour profile map", "Curve profile map" and "Pseudo 3D map" etc.

Grid profile map                                                                                                   Pseudo 3D map                                           

Comprehensive Map

You can plot various profiles, such as CDI, grid profile, contour profile, curve profile, decay curve at the same time in Horin, you can integrate the profile map, plan map and 3D map into one map.

Comprehensive map

Comprehensive map

3D voxel map

Horin software can create 3D grid surface, voxel, slice, isosurface and threshold, etc. It can also perform 3D PDF output, allowing you to browse three-dimensionly in PDF files.



threshold, slice


chair clipping, threshold, slice

voxel with DEM offset

Electrical Basic Module


Process of Horin electromagnetic data processing is clear. Its operation is simple and convenient. And all functions comply with industry specifications.

Horin software supports custom development. For the functions you particularly need, we can provide satisfactory solutions. It is the first-choice professional software for users who want to process electromagnetic data.

Data import

Horin provides a variety of data import interfaces of electrical instruments, such as the format  of *. EDI impedance/spectrum data, which can be directly imported into Horin database without any format conversion in other software.


Edi data import


Smooth filtering

Horin provides a variety of human-computer interaction data smoothing filtering functions, you can smooth your EM data easily by them.


Smoothing effect

2DEM forward and Inversion Calculation

The initial model is divided into finite element model by human-computer interaction, which makes the calculated model more precise and accurate, and greatly improves the speed of inversion.


Forward Model (finite element meshing)

 Inversion Result


EM Profile Map Plotting

You can draw various profile map that meets specification requirements in Horin software.


Array Stacked Profile Map

Curve Profile 

Grid Profile

Grid and Contour Profile

CDI Profile

Decay Curve


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