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Magnetic Correction

The magnetic correction module in Horin Software is completely designed in accordance with industry standards.

It contains 9 functions:

The ocean magnetic correction series function is a professional module customized by Horin Company for marine survey.

 It contains 2 functions:


Magnetic Correction

Instrumentation Determination

In the magnetic survey, the noise of the instrument, the consistency of all probes and the system error of the instrument need to be measured, and ensure they meet the using standards before the survey work.


                  Consistency                                Noise level determination                  System error determination

IGRF Reduction

IGRF (International Geomagnetic Reference Field) is a model related to the Earth's main magnetic field and secular variation. The geomagnetic reference field is a background field that needs to be removed when performing magnetic work. Internationally, the geomagnetic field spherical harmonic analysis model is used to represent the basic magnetic field of the earth. It is called the International Geomagnetic Reference Field, and its model coefficient is adjusted every five years, and the age of reference field is marked. You can remove the Earth's background magnetic field by the IGRF reduction Horin Software include the latest IGRF13 model released in 2020.


Horin Software uses the latest IGRF model                                              IGRF single pointcalculation

Diurnal Correction

The geomagnetic field contains various magnetic field changes such as secular variation, quiet day variation, andspatial magnetic field disturbed variation. The short-period variation of the geomagnetic field need to be corrected in the magnetic survey data collation.

The diurnal correction algorithm of Horin Software refers to multiple national specifications, such as GBT 12763.8-0227, DT/Z0071-93, SY/T 5771-2004.

Diurnal correction interface

Marine Preprocess-Cable Length Correction (Pro)

Cable length correction, also known as towfish correction, is the correction method for eliminating the position errors between GPS and magnetometer. Horin Software has two kinds of correction methods: "Direct Algebra" and "Drag Algebra".

Cable length correction dialog

Heading Correction (Pro)

It is a method for solving the error from the different measurement values when the measurement platform passes the same point in different directions. The magnetic heading correction interface and effect as follows:        

Heading correction interface


Before heading correction                                             After heading correction

Lag correction (Pro)

During field data sampling, due to the distance between the gravimeter / magnetometer and the GPS positioning probe,the GPS coordinate do not correspond to the really location of gravimeter / magnetometer readings, resulting in errors. Wrong zigzag appears at the edge between thehigh and low values in the map. Lag correction use for eliminate such errors.
Note: Lag correction is widely used in aerial surveys and ship surveys.

Lag correction diagram:

Instrument:           GPS:  


   Lag error                                                                          Normal effect


Before lag correction                                                     After lag correction

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