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3DMT Forward and Inversion

3DMT forward and inversion module of Horin software includes two parts: 3D geological modeling and 3D MT forward and inversion calculation. You can perform 3D voxel MT forward and inversion calculation with a large amount of data on your desktop computer, and obtain an ideal high-resolution 3D inversion model within a few days to a week. This new function brings you technical advantages and can display your detailed exploration results in the form of 3D voxel inversion model.

You can add the plan and section geological map as background images and serve as reference information for 3D geological modeling.

Finite element division of plan and section of 3DMT (the purple box is effective area)

3D model list: The management area for storing section and plan views can perform 3D interpolation calculations for various lithologies in different sections.

3D Initial Model Visualisation

3D MT Inversion Result Display


Resistivity model and slices, threshold, isosurface, chair chipping of 3DMT inversion

3D Thick Slice Display

Thick slices of 3DMT inversion resistivity model 

Feature of 3DMT Forward and Inversion

1. The advantages of the 3DMT forward and inversion module of Horin software are that the inversion speed is fast, the inversion effect is good, and it can be run on a personal computer with a memory of 8G.

2. Horin 3DMT provides a one-click subdivision function to ensure that each data point falls in the center of the grid, and the effective area and the whole area can be flexibly switched at will.

3. The built-in human-computer interaction 3D geological modeling system has a friendly interface, simple operation, and the generated model is fine. It can be used as the initial model of 3DMT inversion to improve the reliability of the inversion results.

Case 1

          plan view of line                                           plan division                            division of effective area

Depth division


          polygon modeling                                                                transfer polygon to mesh



Unique human-computer interaction 3D geological modeling system - easy to use and efficient

If you have constrained data, this tool can help you improve your inversion results to higher accuracy


3D inversion results display

Case 2

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